Why Choose Us?

We strive to bring you top notch customer service by providing you with a fun atmosphere while you learn how to paint, stencil, sand and create your own masterpieces! Come join us at one of our workshops today!

Here is a list of what we offer at the moment. Feel free to message or call us if you have an idea for a workshop. We would love to create one especially for you!

Button ExtravaganzaCome spend an evening (6-9pm) creating a masterpiece with our antique buttons or use other items we have in the pickers paradise section of the store instead. We'll give you some great ideas to use for your project. So then button on up and come crafting.

Rustic Barnwood SignsCome spend an evening (6-9pm) creating rustic barnwood signs Where you can choose from lots of different stencils. Learn how to use Milk paint & FUSION Mineral paint, basic techniques and custom stencils.

Rustic Ruler or Reversible Porch SignCome spend an evening (6:30 to 9:30pm) creating a rustic barnwood reversible porch sign or a 6ft ruler using our Milk Paint & FUSION Mineral Paint, salvaged barnwood and using our huge selection of stencils. Create a reversible front porch vertical or horizontal sign from an old piece of barnwood,one side for one season and the other side for another season.

Image Transfer & Decoupage WorkshopJoin us for an evening (6:30 - 9:30pm) where you'll learn how to transfer an image or to decoupage an image with our FUSION™ Transfer Gel It's clear, quick drying with a matte finish, ideal for transferring printed images on to wood, paper or other non-oily or greasy, porous surfaces. Please email us your image so we can edit/print it out before the class. Unleash your creativity and easily transform your pieces with beautiful image transfers.*Note this class requires overnight curing to achieve desired affect.

Learn to Paint with FUSION Mineral PaintCome spend an afternoon (12:30-4pm) learning about the most remarkable paint on the market! Bring your own small piece or you can choose something from our huge selection of affordable,paintable pieces . Learn how to prep for painting, brush importance, layering paints using beeswax.

Rustic Barnwood Signs inspired by Funky Junk InteriorsCome spend an evening (6:30-9:30pm) creating rustic barnwood & fenceboard signs inspired by Funky Junk Interiors' amazing stencils & creative ideas! You can choose from lots of her stencils. Learn how to use Milk & FUSION Mineral paint, techniques and add all sorts of rusty bits and pieces to make it unique.

Cute Rustic Barn DoorCome spend an evening (6-10pm) creating a small rustic barn door made out of locally sourced barnwood or pallets. Get creative and add your personal touches using our Milk Paint & FUSION Mineral Paint, Add hinges & hardware, and learn to use our custom stencils.

Rustic Pallet Wood Farmhouse ClockCome spend an evening (6:30-10pm) creating a rustic farmhouse clock in a variety of designs using our Milk Paint & FUSION Mineral Paint, hardware, salvaged pallet wood and custom stencils.

Rustic Pallet Wood Tray or PlanterCome spend an evening (6:30-9:30pm) creating a rustic pallet wood tray or planter using our Milk Paint & FUSION Mineral Paint, hardware, salvage and custom stencils. Create a handy tray complete with handles chosen from our large selection of hardware. Or create a rustic pallet wood planter using old palletsd, horseshoes for handles and a stencil for the season.

Stenciled Window WorkshopCome spend an evening (6:30-9:30pm) creating a unique window re-purposed by stenciling a seasonal saying or whatever you want on it. Learn how to distress with our FUSION Mineral paint and learn the technique of stenciling on glass. You can add rusty pieces of hardware to you piece you so desire.

All supplies, refreshments and goodies are included. Bring a friend, a family member, a bunch of kids or a group from work. You can also arrange a private party if oure dates don't work for you. Sign up here, email us or call us to register at the store at 403-995-2399.

All Through the House in Okotoks located directly behind the Okotoks Cinemas in the same parking lot.

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